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High Tech Logistics

Sample customer: Rollema

High Tech Logistics is a dynamic market in which logistics service providers handle a wide range of activities for companies active in markets such as Printing Industry & IT, Office & Imaging, Healthcare & Consumer Electronics, Vending Machines, ATMs, Gaming Machines, Telecommunications, Fitness, Refrigeration Systems and Access Systems.

Technically well-trained and often in possession of their truck driving licences, the people who carry out the work are both field engineers and drivers. The service can include installation of machines, including the necessary software.

Logistics.ONE provides optimal support during transport and installation. Your driver will see the correct specific workflow for each order, has access to additional information such as manuals and videos, and records all activities including exceptions and problems perfectly. To meet customer requirements quickly and flexibly, Logistics.ONE Survey Editor allows you to create, modify or delete dynamic questionnaires independently.

Users of Logistics.ONE active in High Tech Logistics are active in both two-man and one-man deliveries.

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